Q. How many card categories (club tiers) are there?

A. Privilege Club has THREE categories: White, Blue & Platinum!

  • The White card is issued to all new members
  • The Blue card is issued to members who have collected more than 120,000 points
  • The Platinum card is issued to members who have collected more than 240,000 points


Card Categories are valid for life and will not be downgraded unless differently specified.


Existing Members (before 2015)

  • Membership numbers do not change
  • To identify your new card category please login club site or contact hotel Reception

Q. I will have 120,000 points during my next visit. Will I receive the Blue card during this stay?

A. Points are credited after departure, so you will receive the Blue card benefits from the following visit.

Q. Our card has two names, but the new Club only accepts the first name.

A. Due to the Greek Data Protection laws, only one member can be registered as the cardholder. The other members registered on the card (before 2015) will remain as “household members” but cannot use the card independently. If you would like a second card for the other adult on your card, please apply at Reception. All points will remain on the current card.

Q. I have two cards. If I ask for one card will I lose the points from the other card?

A. You may contact [email protected] in order your points to be merged to one card.

Q. I had a Blue card and redeemed some points. Will I return to White category?

A. No. Every point you earn from the day you join the club counts towards your tier level (Blue, Platinum). Card categories are for life, unless differently specified.

Q. My daughter/son has just reached 18. Will she/he get a Blue card like mine?

A. All new members enter in the White category and previous visits cannot be credited.


Q. How do I earn Points?

A. For full details please visit the Privilege Club website

Q. Can I claim points for visits at Grecotels before I joined the Club?

A. The Privilege Club can only record visits from the day your card was issued.

Q. I did not hand in my card at the last hotel I stayed. Does this mean I have lost the points?

A. If you informed the reception or guest relations department that you are a member then the points should have been credited. Ask for a statement of points at any Grecotel or visit privilegeclub.grecotel.com. If the visit is missing, you can send a request to [email protected] if the visit was within the last 12 months.

Q. Will my points be credited automatically every time I visit a Grecotel?

A. Points will be credited only if you show your membership card on arrival at every Grecotel Resort & Hotel. If you have forgotten your card at home or lost your card, simply inform the Reception who will be able to find the membership details in the central system.

Q. How can I check my points?

A. Log in to the Members’ area of the Privilege Club website (privilegeclub.grecotel.com) or ask at Reception or Guest Relations at any hotel.

Q. I have reserved and paid for 2 rooms. Do I earn points for the 2nd room?

A. Yes, you can receive points for up to 3 rooms if all rooms are booked in your name and paid by you. You must be resident at the hotel to earn points.

Q. We have 2 cards and always stay in the same room. Why do we not receive points on both cards?

A. For each stay only one membership card can be assigned

Q. I upgraded in a suite/villa but have not been credited with the correct points.

A. Points are awarded according to the booked room type.


Q. How do I redeem my Points?

A. For full details please visit privilegeclub.grecotel.com

Q. I asked for a free night and it was refused. Why?

A1. Your membership is inactive and you need to visit another of our hotels in order to reactivate your membership.

A2. The Club has a limited number of rooms each night at the hotels for the specific period.


Q. I am a member of the Privilege Club AND the 1st Class Club.

A. Please contact [email protected]

Q. I am a member of the Privilege Club and another Grecotel Club (Counter Club, Epathlon, Vacation Club).


A. The Club system does not allow multi-membership codes, so members of other Grecotel Clubs or airline programs must choose which membership they wish to use for each visit.


Q. I sent our Reservation Request to the hotel, but did not get the room I requested. Why?

A. All special room requests are strictly upon availability. For example, another member may have requested the same room before your request arrived. If you booked a different type of room than the one you requested – e.g. you booked a double room with garden view, the hotel cannot change it to a family room with sea view. Special requests can only be considered if they are received at least 30 days before your arrival. If you booked a “special package” or last minute holiday, these are only sent to the hotel by the tour operator at the last minute and therefore special room requests do not apply.

Q. Q. I have a Blue/Platinum card and want to stay in my room after 12:00 on departure day? Why am I not able to keep my room?

A. The use of your room (or another room if yours is needed for an arrival) is strictly upon availability. International & Greek Hotel Law states that the hotel is legally obliged to prepare the rooms for arriving guests before 14:00 hrs. Please imagine that you are the guest who arrives at 14:00 and is told that your room (which you have paid for) is still occupied by another guest and will not be available until 18:00 hrs. Many of the Grecotels are 100% booked at various times of the year and the reception & housekeeping staff will make extreme efforts to offer you a late departure. At many times an alternative room may be offered when another Privilege Club member or guest has booked your room. The hotel may charge all cardholders for rooms kept after 18:00 hrs.


Q. Why do you not send me information by post?

A. All information is posted on the website and news is sent only to members who have an email address.

Q. What are the hotel categories?


Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Amirandes Caramel  Ilia Palms Astir* Egnatia
Cape Sounio Club Marine Palace
Lakopetra Beach Filoxenia
Corfu Imperial Creta Palace Meli Palace Larissa Imperial
Mandola Rosa Daphnila Bay Thalasso Pella Beach Pallas Athena
Mykonos Blu Eva Palace Plaza Spa Apartments Vouliagmeni Suites
  Kos Imperial Thalasso Rhodos Royal  
  Olympia Oasis Royal Park  
  Olympia Riviera Thalasso    
  White Palace    

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